Coaching Services

Kobalt Coaching works with individuals and teams to help them become more effective and drive impact. Here are a few of the challenges Kevin can help you solve.

Individual Coaching
    As a leader are you. . .
    • juggling too many priorities and feel overwhelmed.
    • reaching a plateau in your job, and you want it to advance.
    • having conflict that is hurting your ability to get things done.
    • receiving feedback that you need to correct a certain behavior because it is hurting performance.
    • needing stronger leadership presence.
    • wanting to influence people with more impact.
    • struggling to manage your time.
    • needing to determine how to get the organization to embrace your ideas.
    • needing to prepare for your exit from your company.
    • wanting to be better at collaborating.
    • wanting a stronger personal brand.
    • not getting along well with your manager.
Team Solutions
    As a leader do you. . .
    • want to create a high performing team.
    • want to take your team to the next level
    • think your team is not working well together.
    • need a strategy.
    • have a strategy, but it isn’t being implemented.
    • want more accountability from your people.
    • have a team that lacks alignment.
    • have a team that struggles to communicate with each other.
Talent Solutions
    As an organization. . .
    • are people resisting change.
    • is there a need for a succession plan.
    • are your employees not engaged.
    • do you need to improve the culture.
    • we need to develop more leaders.
    • we need to put into place systems and processes before we can improve.
    • we don’t execute well.
    • we need to change how we do things, and the organization is not moving quickly enough.
    • we need to improve quality.
    • we need to improve revenue and profit.

If you want to maximize your individual, team or company effectiveness and results, reach out to me to discuss how we can work together.